Q. What’s the time at Chhayabrita?
A. It’s mealtime.

In more ways than one, the kitchen is the heart of your Chhayabrita stay, cooking up chunks of delicious nourishment at a steady pulse through the day, sending them out to be enjoyed wherever you are ~ on the verendah, in the garden or in bed on a late winter morning.

When not actually in the thick of things, it ticks away nonetheless. It’s quite commonplace for your host Mr. Siddique to find inspiration for the next day’s menu in his dreams.

From polao to pyanji, kalia to caramel custard, shukto to chateaubriand.From the deeply traditional to the outrageously experimental. Whatever your taste buds desire, whenever your tastebuds desire, just ask.

It’s your own home after all.